Arthritis Relief Conyers

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Eagle Physical Therapy specializes in arthritis relief in Conyers, GA. Generally speaking, arthritis is a condition of the joints. The continued presence of inflammation breaks down the tissues that act as shock absorbers of the joints.  As this condition progresses, pain is experienced with daily activities.  Most individuals with this condition tend to decrease their activities. This decrease in activity will cause a gradual weakening of the muscles surrounding the joint, which adds more irritation to the joint and more pain.

It is important to maintain your activity levels and keep your joints moving.  Movement of the joint brings much needed fluid to the joints which helps to improve arthritic pain.  Exercise helps to prevent weakening of muscles and makes you feel better physically and emotionally.

Many services can help improve your conditions.  Working with a physical therapist for your arthritic pain will give you empowerment over your condition and improve your lifestyle.

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