Foot Heel and Ankle Pain Relief

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Eagle Physical Therapy provides Conyers, Ga residents with quality foot heel, and ankle therapy services to help with pain, while restoring structure and strength. You’ve heard about physical therapy – but you never thought you’d need it until now.  Perhaps you were involved in a sports injury like soccer, football, basketball, or baseball. Or maybe  you need to incorporate physical therapy to strengthen your ankle or knee to relieve lingering symptoms from a previous injury .  Or perhaps you underwent a major surgery or operation, and your doctor insists on physical therapy as part of your pain management treatment. Ankle pain, most often the result of a sprained ankle or ankle strain, can vary depending on the degree of damage to the ligaments and other soft tissue. Often swelling and bruising accompany ankle pain.
What you should know is most common ankle pain is due to strain of all the tendons and ligaments that hold the ankle joint together. The ankle joint is vital to the walking cycle in that it helps to bring our body weight forward and allow transfer of weight from one limb to the other. Most ankle pain can be traced to altered alignment due to strain on the tendons and ligaments that hold the joint together.

Foot pain can be dull and aching or can present as a stabbing, sharp pain. Most often, foot pain is concentrated in the heel, either as pain under the heel or pain behind the heel. Sharp heel pain is most commonly diagnosed as plantar fascitis.

Eagle Physical Therapy examines each patient’s foot and heel pain symptoms with a comprehensive evaluation of their gait and overall kinetic chain to determine the function and performance of their spine, hip, knee, ankle, and foot. With expert diagnosis they can ensures the most appropriate, effective, and efficient therapy to relieve foot and heel pain symptoms. By using an effective combination of physical care, Eagle Physical Therapy addresses imbalances and stabilizes the ankle, fool, and heel pain issues.