How I think physical therapy should be…

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Physical therapy should be a one on one, whole body experience. Given the complexities of injuries and pain mechanisms as well as knowing that every individual is different, care has to be taken to ensure proper rehab.
Knee pain could be coming from the knee, hip, foot, or back. Depending on what activities you are doing the knee pain may also be due to dysfunctions at the shoulder. It is difficult for therapists to effectively assess and treat while treating 2-4 patients at a time.
If you’re not getting a one on one experience, you are not getting the full potential of what physical therapy has to offer. If you have to drive or pay more to get the treatment you deserve, do it! It will benefit you in the long run. Not only will your rehab be better, your overall health will be better.
At Eagle Physical Therapy & Wellness you will have a one on one experience. You will receive the full potential of physical therapy and improve your life. Make an appointment to get better today!