Pain Management Conyers

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Eagle Physical Therapy provides pain management in Conyers, GA for auto & work injury, sports injury or suffering from arthritis. Pain can be an enigmatic condition that is only experienced by the individual that has the pain.  Physical therapy manages pain in many different ways.  The therapist must first distinguish the origin of pain: is it mechanical (ie. vertebral disc) or chemical (ie. inflammation).   The irritability of the pain will also be evaluated.

Once the assessment is made, the therapist will determine what will be used and what intensity will be appropriate for you.  Several techniques can be used, such as manual therapy, supervised exercise, moist heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, trigger point dry needling, and taping.

Physical therapy is tailored to what the individual wants to accomplish.  If the person wants to be able to work with decreased pain, then education on proper postures, taping and strengthening exercises may be most appropriate. If someone is trying to participate in recreational activities, then moist heat, electrical stimulation and exercise would be appropriate.

The following is a exerpt from on how to treat pain:

Therapy. Therapy can be aimed at both the mind and the body. Says Scheman, “I try to look at any of these therapies as not being purely physical or purely psychological — we are always a mixture of both of those things.”

Physical therapy is a very important part of any pain management program. Pain can be worsened by exercise that isn’t done correctly (or interpreted incorrectly as pain rather than overuse), and a physical therapist can tailor the right exercise regimen for you. Proper exercise slowly builds your tolerance and reduces your pain — you won’t end up overdoing it and giving up because it hurts.

Ask your doctor for a prescription for physical therapy and see what PT can do for you.

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