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Physical therapy is more than just exercise.  Physical therapists are experts in the science of movement and dysfunction. Physical therapists use many different strategies to help people get better.  At Eagle Physical Therapy & Wellness, we pride ourselves in developing the proper strategies to help you get better.

Our services include:

 Joint Mobilization: facilitating pressure to a stiff joint provided by our physical therapist’s hands to improve your motion.   Great care is taken to prevent pain and irritation of tissues.

Soft tissue Mobilization: Much like joint mobilizations, except pressure is applied to soft tissue such as muscles, fascia and tendons.

Dry Needling: A procedure using Acupuncture needles to decrease tightness in soft tissue, improve tissue healing, and improve pain.  Dry needling is not Acupuncture.  Very little pain is involved during dry needling.

Electrical Stimulation:  (this sounds bad, but most people love this) use of low level current to stimulate muscle fibers that in turn decrease pain, improve motion.

Ultrasound: use of sound waves to stimulate tissue to improve symptoms and decrease tightness of the tissues.

Heat: Moist heat packs provide necessary heat to improve blood flow to desired location and improving mobility of the underlying tissues.

Cryotherapy: at Eagle PTW, we use the Game Ready device to effectively use cold therapy along with gradual compression/relaxation to aid in decreasing swelling and improving symptoms.  This is great following surgery.

And yes we provide Therapeutic Exercises:  specific exercises to promote strength and function.  Your exercises will be supervised ensuring that you are performing your corrective exercises properly and not getting in bad habits, making your situation worse.

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If you’re experiencing pain after an auto & work injury, sports injury or suffering from arthritis contact Eagle Physical Therapy and Wellness today. We’ll walk you through your physical therapy treatment, so you can expect results faster.

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