Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder injuries and pain can be very discomforting and difficult to deal with.  We have had many people come in with shoulder problems, whether it’s rotator cuff tendonitis/repair, AC joint sprain or the all encompassing shoulder pain diagnosis.

You have to make sure to give yourself time to heal and don’t beat yourself up.  A shoulder is an intricate machine and everything must work for optimal function.  If the doctor tells you that you have strained your shoulder or have tendonitis, do not fool yourself into thinking that you can one or two exercises mindlessly and get better.

When you come in with your diagnosis, you will be given specific instructions on exercises and how to perform them correctly.  It is important that this is transferred to performance at home.    It will take incredible concentration for you to perform the exercises correctly because your body will do what comes easiest, which is compensate.  The upper trapezius is the main culprit and it is up to us to make sure we get the right muscles working.

Along with exercises, you may receive heat/cold therapy, ultrasound, dry needling,  joint stretches, muscle stretches which will help to improve the way your shoulder feels and moves.  But, the most important factor is what you do on your own.

If your therapist isn’t helping you to understand what needs to be done, then give us a chance to make your life better and reach your goals.

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