The Achilles Repair Recovery

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The Achilles Tendon Repair rehab is a slow process. I have personally experienced this (not fun).  It is important to follow your doctor’s orders as your tendon heals. In the beginning, you will be very limited, but make sure to perform exercises with your toes and lightly with your ankle in the boot.

Later, you will start putting weight through your leg, but again be careful, as the tendon Achilles stretchcontinues to heal it does not need to be overstretched.  Physical therapy should be initiated by now.    You will see that you have no strength at all, but understand that this is a process. In therapy you should be performing various hip and knee exercises, as these muscles have also become weakened.  Do not forget about performing toe exercises, those muscles help stabilize the foot. Be consistent with your Theraband exercises in all directions of ankle movement.  Studies show that previous levels of performance  of the achilles may not fully return, but with proper rehabilitation you will be able to safely return to sport.

Make sure to follow the instructions your physical therapist gives you.  Everyone’s rehab process is different and your physical therapist and doctor will be able to put together your personal rehab program.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call us and we will be sure to reply.