Why have physical therapy?

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“Should I go to physical therapy for this?”

That’s a question that I get a lot. I like the question because it allows me to help you evaluate yourself and what you want to do.  I also hate it because people question the value of physical therapy.

Let’s get back to the question. Those that ask me this are usually hurting or stiff.  So if you’re hurting while performing a particular activity, then definitely see a physical therapy to assess your pain. Some people have already seen a doctor who may have addressed their symptoms with medications and may have reassured them that they will be fine. Sometimes this can be misleading, that is why I would recommend physical therapy to help. At least there are no side effects. And just think about what you learn and how you can apply that to future pains or injuries that may occur. This raises the value of physical therapy.

People always write off stiffness as a product of aging.  Kinda true, but you can do something about it!  Physical therapy can help this person again through education (incredibly valuable) and the assessment of mobility, strength and function.  It will allow for better workouts and less irritation.

So, if you’re asking me if you should go to PT, I’ll ask you, “Why not?”