Customer Service

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Had 2 horrible experiences at a local auto supply store.  It is a store that I go to frequently.  Most of the time I get fair customer service, but the last couple of times were disheartening.  I then went to a “super store” to get what I needed with little to no service.

I can see why the “super stores” would be more attractive to customers (other than the fact they have everything you need in one place!).  It’s because little to no customer service is better than bad customer service.  I left the “super store” having an empty feeling of satisfaction, the opposite of what I felt at the other store.

You’re saying “Anuj, what does this have to do with physical therapy?”

Because customer service is EVERYTHING!  I try to provide the best customer service experience for each individual that comes in.   Too many people attend physical therapy without having the experience they deserve.  When people come in to my office and have the EAGLE Physical Therapy and Wellness experience, they are surprised and pleased.  They often state that they had no idea that physical therapy included so many different treatment strategies.

It is unfortunate that people have the idea that physical therapy is just a work out.  Most people have the experience of being left to do their exercises alone and  having the same experience I had leaving the “super store”, little to no customer service, but with empty satisfaction.

There is a lot of expertise that goes into the Art of Physical Therapy.  A major component of that is CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Don’t settle for less. Come in to Eagle Physical Therapy and Wellness for the service you deserve.